Bariatric Supplies

All bariatric equipment is not created equal, which is why we hand-pick quality manufacturers who share our goals of offering safety and dependable stability to patients over 400lbs, without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

MSC Medical Shop carries only the best in bariatric lifts, transfer boards, bariatric wheelchairs and rollator walkers, as well as other walking aids.

We have a wide selection of heavyweight lifts and transfer boards, bariatric shower chairs and commodes, as well as bariatric beds, mattresses, chairs and other furniture pieces built with reinforced frames capable of holding between 600 and 1000lbs, depending on the item and model. This ensures consistent sturdiness while providing the ease and comfort perfect for either increasing patient independence or making care easier for loved ones. Bariatric commodes and shower chairs are designed to hold up to 600lbs, providing a safe and stable bathing option for patients. Bariatric hospital beds and mattresses have a wider sleeping surface, and some available models hold up to 1000lbs 

No matter what you’re looking for, we at MSC Medical Shop are ready to meet your needs! 



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